General Labor

Does unskilled and semi-skilled work under direct and indirect supervision for the construction crews in the construction and modification of new and existing buildings, substations, structures, and underground facilities.


Traffic Control

You are responsible for various road closures and the safety of those passing by. In this job, you will learn how to close off a road using cones/ barricades and be responsible for two-way flagging.

Fundamental Responsibilities

– Helps personnel of higher classification in their assigned tasks.

– Uses hand and power tools as required.

– Lifts and carries materials, tools, & equipment.

May drive truck carrying personnel and/or materials.

– Must be able to learn to use all tools and equipment assigned to the construction crews.

– Stores and performs routine maintenance of all tools and equipment assigned to the construction crews.

– Is responsible for all personal tools assigned.


– Trains to operate trucks and/or equipment of a higher classification as required.

– Performs similar and incidental duties as required.

fundamental Requirements

– Must have or be able to qualify for State of Hawaii CDL and must pass any Driving Training the Company deems necessary.

– Must be able to obtain a Medical Examiner’s Certification.

– Must pass background check which is required by the company.

– Must be able to qualify to operate trucks and equipment of higher classification as required.

-Must have a minimum of 1 year in construction.

The depth of experience our team brings to each project allows us to formulate a complete plan to meet the daily challenges of time, environment, and project complexity.

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